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Privacy Policy for Supply2build & Built2market Supply2build & Built2market believes that protecting your privacy is critical to our mission of customer service excellence. Just as in all of our customer service policies, we are committed to earning your trust through open and honest communication. You have our guarantee that we will not sell or rent your email address for unsolicited marketing. Please look through our privacy policy below for additional details. Privacy refers to the ways Supply2build & Built2market collects and uses personal information, as well as to the safeguards we put in place to make sure our practices are fair and adequate.

As our site acquires new functionality, it might be necessary for us to update our privacy policy periodically to reflect the nature of the new information we might be providing you or asking you to provide us. When that happens, those changes will be posted here. If you have more questions about privacy, or to contact representatives at Supply2build or Built2market, please emaill

What information do you collect about me? Supply2build and Built2market is guided by the principle of Need to Serve. We strive to collect only that information we need to complete your request or to serve you better. We need your email address to send you home design news. We need your zip code to locate retailers near you. And we may ask about your specific home design interests, so that we can better tailor offerings for you.

Once you have provided basic information for your Supply2build or Built2market (name, email address, and zip code), we keep it in your personal account file so you don\'t have to re- enter it next time.

What do you do with my personal information? We use your personal information to fulfill your requests and tailor offerings for you. If you tell us that you prefer a certain style of home design products, we may emphasize that style in our presentation to you.

When you become a member of Supply2build or Built2market, we also use your personal information to contact you with with information or special members-only offers. Occasionally, we may let you know about other companies whose products or services might be of interest. We may also share your personal information if you link to one of our partner sites, so that our partner site can serve you seamlessly.

Supplybuild and Built2market will also require a screen name and password if you choose to participate in Chat/blog/forums Suply2build or Built2market online community discussion boards. The screen name you select will be used to identify your online presence.

Please be aware that the discussion boards are public venues. If you choose to include personal information in a message or in your author profile, that information will be available to any person viewing or participating in that discussion board. Posting information on public boards may result in unsolicited messages to you and/or the use of such information in a way that is not intended by you. Supply2build or Built2market ability to delete or modify information which you provide may be limited by technology or its internal procedures/policies and as such Supply2build and Built2market may not be able to mitigate the consequences of your posting such information in a public forum.

In addition Supply2build and Built2market may occasionally use portions of a discussion in reference to forums for publications and promotions. See Terms of Use.

Your Supply2build and Built2market registration will pre-register you with our Portfolio Partner sites

How do you keep my personal information secure? Supply2build & Built2market takes many steps to make sure your information is safe on our site. Our mission is to make your experience as hassle-free and secure as possible.

Whose privacy policies prevail when I link to another site from Supply2build & Built2market? Supply2build and Built2makret privacy policies apply only to our site. Once you link to another site, their privacy practices prevail. Supply2build and Built2market goal is to partner only with other businesses that adhere to the same rigorous privacy practices that we do. However, we cannot be responsible for the business practices of other companies.

What recourse do I have if there is a problem? Our mission is to make your experience as safe and rewarding as possible. If you believe there is a problem, please contact us by email at We will make every effort to make things right.

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