Adhesives, Hot-Melt

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  • Adwood Corporation

    Edgebanders; sliding table saws; vertical panel saws; construction boring machines; line boring machines; shapers; planers; jointers; wide belt sanders; edgesanders, portable edgebander; edgebanding in rolls; sheet veneer; adhesives; small hand tools; handheld

  • American Adhesive Coatings Co., LLC

    Hot melt adhesive coated paper for roll lamination; hot net adhesive for: coating machines, kitchen cabinets and furniture, coaters and laminators Also, hot melt adhesives for product assembly

  • American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc.

    Real wood edgebanding in super thick coils and strips 1 mm to 3mm; .5mm -fleece sanded / prm-glued, and pre-finished, custom color matched thick and thin banding. Gloss levels

  • C-Gex System's

    Upholstery systems, upholstery presses, drawstring sewing machines. VOC free water-based adhesives for the upholstery industry, water-based adhesive spraying and drying equipment, flat panel upholstery covering machine, automated upholstery

  • Canplast, Inc.

    Edgebanding in PVC, ABS and Acrylic (KLEAR-VU), Canplast hotmeft adhesives. Boldline-multiform edgebanding.

  • EdgeCo, Inc

    Edgebanding; PVC; wood; polyester: metallic`s; pre- i f nished, custom stained, thick wood & PVC - thin auto & pre-glued; iron on; peel and stick. Custom color matches and slitting

  • Forbo Adhesives, LLC

    Polyurethane reactive hot melts; edgebanding and soft forming hot melts; high solids laminating adhesives, coatings for pre-applied paper laminating; a full line of adhesives for woodworking and product assembly.

  • FPC Corp

    FPC Corporation is a leading manufacturer of hot melt glue sticks and bulk form adhesives. The company offers a complete Vine of hard held glue guns and some

  • Helmitin Inc.

  • Henkel Corporation

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